Women in Nania, Paga, Ghana

(written by Kugoriamo Gabriel)

The Nania community in Paga, Ghana consists of about 10,000 women within the working group. These women are engaged in various work fields to achieve their aims.

Their work includes:

  • Farming different types of crops and foodstuffs
  • Animal rearing of all kinds
  • Weaving cloth and clothing
  • Shea butter production
  • Making of local drinks (pito)
  • Jewelry making
  • Local soap and local pomades
  • Some do tailoring and others do hairdressing
  • Some are market women involved in petty trading
  • Music and dance

Women in this community are very hard working, respectful, and loving. They set their goals and work towards achieving them. They provide mutual aid in health, finances, and business thereby helping each other to achieve their aims. They believe they have a common ancestor, and that they are all one family in their minds. They are very friendly to everyone.

The women in Nania are basically known as the mother of the home. They are recognized by the love and care they have for their families. This is because, they work by cooking for the family, washing clothes for the family, and collecting water from far sources to help the family bathe, cook, and drink. They also assist men in their daily works.